She can see the darkness, which seems to extend infinitely ahead and obscure all the Good on this earth, for the Good is there, just not meant for you, ever again.
She can taste the seeds of Bitterness, which bloom on your tongue and prick your throat like stinging nettles, or perhaps acid rain.
She can smell the smoke that billows off the flames of past Failures and Regrets.
She can feel the discomfort imposed by Others’ Expectations, like an itchy sweater that pulls too tight.
But now, she can hear the sweet melody of Relief, as these mellifluous notes cascade onto this page.

I wrote this poem while I was an in-patient at the Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas. I had just finished my first round of electroconvulsive therapy, which had temporarily improved my mental state. The group therapy leader gave us a writing prompt to personify a human quality. This was the first piece of writing I had been able to produce in six months, and I had thought that I might never write again. As the poem shows, I was quite relieved that I could produce it.