Literature as a Lifeline: How Stories and Genetic Testing Can Save Lives from Mental Illness – Writer’s Digest
Literature comforts in a way clinical definitions and diagnoses cannot. It can help people recognize the symptoms of mental illness in themselves long before the predator of suicide pounces…

My Experience After Appearing on the Dr. Oz Show to Tell the Story of My Struggle with Depression – Genomind
Four years ago, I lay on a gurney in the psychiatric wing of a hospital, my arm extended as a nurse plunged a needle into my arm for the IV through which the doctor would administer anesthesia…

How Genetic Testing Saved My Life from Debilitating Clinical Depression – Psychcentral
The psychologist’s qualifications are proudly displayed in frames on his wall: a doctorate in clinical psychology, board certifications in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology. Maybe this means he can help me…

From Severe Depression to Treatment and the Role of Genetic Testing: Kristen’s Story – Huffington Post
I stood in my bathroom, watching the steam rise from the water in the tub. I picked up the hair dryer from where it hung by the sink and made sure it was plugged in. But I had one last reservation…


Dr. Oz Helps Spread the Word on How Genetic Markers Can Impact Your Mental Health Treatment – Genomind
On March 14, 2018, I had the pleasure of joining a patient, Kristen Davis, on the Dr. Oz Show to discuss the power the Genecept Assay® can have on mental health treatment…

No longer taboo: Americans embrace testing, treatment for mental illnesses – The Hill
The debate over rising health care costs is missing an important component — medicine can be effective only if doctors prescribe the drugs that will be most effective for each patient…


The Psychologist

The psychologist’s supposed competence is proudly displayed in frames on his wall.


She can see the darkness, which seems to extend infinitely ahead and obscure all the Good on this earth, for the Good is there, just not meant for you, ever again.

The Climbing Tree

Like Sylvia,
I behold a tree—
the gnarled branches twisting
toward the sky, away from me.